Hello and…goodbye

Well, not quite goodbye but almost.

After a year of inactivity on the blog I have decided to finish up here and move over to Blogger. Not that I am writing any new stuff for a long time, but I will be using this move as an opportunity to get rid of all the posts that never saw much action, or that I felt are too old and perhaps never should have been in here in the first place.

The stuff that is useful, or was popular, or perhaps needs an update will find new life on the new Blogger site. I’ll try to keep the new version a bit more focused, and so all of the film locations material will eventually wind up on my other site – Hong Kong & Macau Film locations.


Of course comments will be lost in the move, but the useful ones that contain interesting information will be ported over and incorporated into any updates I make on those posts.

Why am I moving? Several reasons, first is that I am a bit fed up with the adverts that get slapped into some of my posts, something of which I have no control over. Second is that the basic WordPress model I am using here is quite restrictive in terms of media and I have had to pay dollars for adding extra photos whilst still being unable to embed video. Third, well, the blog needed a rehaul and what better way to do it than by starting over.

Apologies to those people who have been subscribing to my blog in the expectation of future posts, if you are still interested in my flawed and humble mutterings then you will need to keep an eye out for this place: http://hongkongandmacaustuff.blogspot.hk/

All posts have been hidden while I sort the wheat from the chaff but I’ll leave the links and various pages in tact for the time being. All comments have been turned off, if you need to contact me then I can still be reached via the usual address.


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