Recommended HK-related Books

This is just a list of books that I can recommend if, like me, you are more interested in the lesser-known aspects of Hong Kong. It’s by no means a comprehensive list and I will keep adding as and when I find more worth recommending.

These books provide valuable information that cannot be readily found in amongst the usual tourist/guide literature (of which HK has a dearth – all saying the same old stuff).

If anyone has any recommendations please let me know so I can follow them up and add them to the list. It’s a bit of a mish-mash but it’s all stuff I have enjoyed reading whether it’s about culture, history, walks, finance or personal memoir – all have something to offer in terms of insight.

I’ll keep adding to it as and when.

Jason Wordie

Streets: Exploring Hong Kong Island

Streets: Exploring Kowloon

Patricia Lim

Discovering Hong Kong’s Cultural Heritage: HK & Kowloon

Discovering Hong Kong’s Cultural Heritage: New Territories

Pete Spurrier

The Serious Hikers Guide to Hong Kong

The Leisurely Hikers Guide to Hong Kong

The Heritage Hikers Guide to Hong Kong

Tony Banham

Not the Slightest Chance: The Defence of HK 1941

The Sinking of the Lisbon Maru: Britain’s Forgotten Wartime Tragedy

We Shall Suffer There: HK’s Defenders Imprisoned 1942-45

David Leffman

Rough Guide to Hong Kong & Macau 2009 edition

Jonathan Chamberlain

King Hui: The Man Who Owned all the Opium in Hong Kong

Chinese Gods: An Introduction to Chinese Folk Religion

Peter Moss

No Babylon: A Hong Kong Scrapbook

Joe Studwell

Asian Godfathers: Money and Power in HK and South East Asia

Alice Poon

Land and the Ruling Class in Hong Kong

Martin Booth

Gwei Lo/Golden Boy

Feng Chi-shun

Diamond Hill

Hong Kong Noir

Patrick Hase

The Six day War of 1899: Hong Kong in the Age of Imperialism

150 Years of Evangelization in Taipo: 50 Years of Foundation of the Church

Valerie Ann Penlington

Winged Dragon: The History Of The Royal Hong Kong Auxiliary Air Force

Gillis Heller, Andrew Yanne

Signs of a Colonial Era

Nicole Chabot, Ira Chaplain

Kowloon: Unknown Territory

Eric Peter Ho

Tracing My Children’s Lineage